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Title: Problem reporting
Post by: Krabb on March 05, 2016, 07:06:49 AM
If game does not start, try installing the redistributables from _CommonRedist folder (in your game folder), both DirectX and vcredist, turn on and install all automatic updates for your OS.

If the game crashed, immediately (without launching it again) upload the crash report file <Your game folder>\out\ to some file hosting (MediaFire (, (, Dropbox (, Google Drive (, etc.). Please, provide any details and steps that can help in reproducing the bug. If you have mods installed or have enabled overclocking, report this too. But try repeating this with them disabled ("clean" configuration is preferred).

If you found other problem with the game (bad armor penetration, missing weapons, etc.), please provide a screenshot which shows this. For example, if it's bad armor penetration, provide screenshot from the tactical battle statistics screen, or if it's "bad" battle result, provide screenshot from the statistics table.