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Title: Translating Operation Star Configuration Menus
Post by: fireship4 on March 03, 2011, 03:14:32 PM
While waiting for an english release, with the help of google translate, an online russian keyboard ( and comparing them with Achtung Panzer's, I have begun translating the configuration menus in the Operation Star Demo. I welcome any corrections. The starred options are new with Operation Star, the hashed options (if any) are guesses to save time or to placehold.

#NOTE# The numbering for some of the video settings (number 7 onwards) was wrong, and has now been corrected.  Apologies.

Common Settings (these affect other settings)

1.01 Visual Quality <Speed - Balanced - Quality>#
1.02 Game Difficulty <Easy - Normal - Hard>#
1.03 Realism Level <Arcade - Optimal - Simulator>#

Video and performance

2.01 Screen resolution
2.02 3D buffer resolution
2.03 Crop textures
2.04 Simple shaders
2.05 Anisotropic Filtering
2.06 Image smoothing
2.07 High Dynamic Range
2.08 Lanscape and building shadows
2.09 Complex Lighting
2.10 Trim vegetation
2.11 Display Grass
2.12 Minimize object detail level
2.13 Remove unnecessary objects
2.14 Draw soldiers clothing*
2.15 Show additional special effects*
2.16 Integrated anti-aliasing*

Game and realism settings

4.01 Historical Units#
4.02 Show Blood#
4.03 "Classic" map mode#
4.04 Tactical battle time <30 Minutes - 1 Hour - 2 Hours>#
4.05 Enable night battles#
4.06 Enable tutorial#
4.07 Trench digging limited to 1x1 km square#
4.08 Large counters#
4.09 Enemy data display mode <Full - Just type - Realistic>*
4.10 Realistic experience growth
4.11 Soldiers pick up weapons
4.12 Inaccurate orders* <Not available>
4.13 Allies controlled by player*
4.14 Illumination in pause mode

Game Difficulty

5.01 Always show enemies#
5.02 Enemy resources <%>#
5.03 Experienced enemy#

Title: Re: Translating Operation Star Configuration Menus
Post by: Bekro on May 07, 2011, 02:57:56 PM
The options are pretty much same with KH 1943

Title: Re: Translating Operation Star Configuration Menus
Post by: W├Ârghern on June 23, 2011, 02:37:31 AM
Yeah ! Anti Aliasing included !  :D I have just installed the demo on my system to test it :)