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Author Topic: re :resupply issues  (Read 1945 times)
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« on: November 15, 2012, 12:16:40 AM »

firstly, i would like to introduce myself as a new member,i played though ap1943 kharkov,and thoroughly enjoyed it,gaining info on how to play the game as i went along,and actually winning the german second campaign,yet to break my duck as the soviets.and so naturally enough i downloaded playing this at the moment as version 1.00 ,having tried unsuccessfully to patch it ,although i did manage to  patch the first game.having read some threads on this forum i will attempt to patch it after finishing the campaign game.regarding the re supply question subject, i am currently playing  the second scenario as the soviets,i called in the supply planes and they set up the supply depot on the operations map.when i moved two or three units to the adjacent cells a small ammo/fuel icon appeared with the unit icon. when i went to the next battle these troops do not seem to have their ammo etc replenished,or do they have to be on 0% to get more fuel/ ammo. ?i have read the heavy weapons not ready thread posted in sept.cheers,davidh.
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