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Author Topic: Custom Sfx ModMaker  (Read 2339 times)
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« on: February 26, 2016, 04:22:06 PM »

For anyone who is interested in adding their own sound files to the game, I made a little “utility” mod that makes the process much more automated.

Basically, all you have to do is make sure your WAV file names match to the game’s sound files, drop them into a folder, run a batch file and you’re done - all the sounds get converted and the mod folder gets set up automatically.

Right now it just covers the base game files, so there will be some sound effects from Operation Hooper and SoP which won’t be accepted.  

You can pick it up here:

Here’s some basic instructions on how to use. I’ve got a more detailed list in the readme file included with the mod:

1.Place the zip file in the top directory of your game (make sure the folder name is “ModMaker”)
2.Drop all of your WAV files into the “sound_effects” folder, change the names to match the game’s sound file names (use the “sfx_list_full.txt” file as a reference).
3.Run build.bat. This will convert all the WAVs, pack everything and drop it into the “custom_sfx_mod” folder.
4.Zip the “CORE” folder (located just inside custom_sfx_mod) to a self extracting zip archive. Change the .zip to .gt2extension - use this file to install the mod.

*NOTE: Windows SmartScreen will probably block the build.bat file from running. I think it does this whenever you try to run a batch or exe file that comes from another computer.  To allow it to run: right click on the file and go to Properties, click the “Unblock” box in the bottom right.


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