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Author Topic: Battle groups sytem  (Read 2201 times)
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« on: August 31, 2017, 07:17:20 AM »

I have tried the new battle groups system campagn from the Germans for Shilovo. I liked the new system better at first but now i see that either way is a compromise .

With the old system i would try to fight battles with reinforced companys anyway so it makes sense to move them as one group but when defending I can't spread out a company and reinforce with AT guns to two squares .. they are stuck together in one square and then get flanked on operation map.... so i end up fighitng against three battle groups of enemy instead of 2 groups .
It is interesting to have Shilovo in both styles of play so we can try and compare them.

The problem with the old style is that medium battle size means it is random which units get left out of a battle and some times they are the crucial units. like AT guns that the company was supporting getting left out of the battle and then the infantry are defensless without the AT guns.

Also when a platoon was lost in old sytstem I could not replace it.

New sytem means i can replace lost platoons and AT guns are not left out of battle somtimes but I lose ability to spread out my forces on defense.

Honestly hard to say which system is better. old or new.

If my computer was powerfull enough to play old system on unlimited battle size then i think that would be the best way but my system is not quite fast enough so I play on medium.
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