STEEL FURY: Kharkov1942

  • PELIT (Finland) review - Mar, 2009
    Review by: PELIT (Finland)
    Rate: 8,5

    "Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 has a lot of room for improvement in the user interface and sound departments, but it manages to paint a bitter sweet picture of WW2 tank warfare, full of excitement and terror. With more emphasis on strategic and tactical dimensions, Steel Fury could become a true war gaming classic." [Mar 2009]

  • SIMHQ Review - December, 2008
    Review by: Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer

    "...Steel Fury is the best WW2 tank simulation/game to date. Yes, I said that about a month ago regarding WW2 Battle Tanks, and it was at the time… until Steel Fury arrived. Excellent visuals and sound make it feel like a WW2 battlefield. Excellently modeled player-controlled tanks with high interior and exterior detail. Excellent basic WW2 armor combat with proper landscape, rolling hills and wood lines. Good interface with an easy-to-use map features and order system. Good tutorial missions that explain more then you need to know. Well done campaigns and missions based on real world information..."

  • - January, 2009
    Review by: Viskous
    Rate: 8,0

    STEEL FURY - the best tank simulator

  • PC Gamer UK - February, 2009
    Rate: 7.8

    STEEL FURY - the best WWII tank sim since "Panzer Elite." [Feb 2009, p.64]

  • SIM HQ - February, 2009
    Review by: Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer

    The Land and Armor Combat Category Winners Are... Best Armor Sim of the Year "Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942" Best Armor Mod of the Year Steel Panzers for "Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942"

  • Ace Gamez review - January, 2009
    Review by: Chris Davies
    Rate: 7.0

    Many will no doubt relish every ounce of faithfully recreated tank track and bushy hillock and I see myself resenting them in many ways, as I know I might never have that dedication to such a specific simulator again and I know deep down that any serious gamer, regardless of the appeal that such a game initially has, would eventually find themselves totally enthralled given sufficient effort

  • review - December, 2008
    Review by: Jaap Schlicher
    Rate: 6.9

    De wereld van Steel Fury is er zonder twijfel eentje voor liefhebbers van WOII-tanks en alles wat daarmee samenhangt. De tanks zijn over het algemeen genomen de enige dingen waar echt aandacht aan besteed lijkt te zijn. Toch is dat allemaal niet fataal voor de uiteindelijke game. Steel Fury kan zichzelf overeind houden omdat de instellingen van de gevechten zo variabel zijn dat ze haast voor ieder wat wils bieden, mits je houdt van grote uitgestrekte slagvelden en niet de close combat die bijvoorbeeld een game als Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway biedt. De afwerking is helaas nogal matig en dat maakt het dat Steel Fury geen game is die je "even oppakt." Kortom, Steel Fury – Kharkov 1942 is een game voor de fanatieke WOII-junk die maar geen genoeg kan krijgen van authenticiteit.

  • review - December, 2008
    Review by: Peter Zeilstra
    Rate: 7.0

    Even though Steel Fury is a hardcore tank sim, it still offers enough assistance for the rookie tank commanders. It even looks better than the most tanksims, making it a pretty decent game in his genre. However, there are a lot better simgames on the market.