SIMHQ 2011 - The Future of Simulations

January 03, 2011

SimHQ has published The Future of Simulations virtual roundtable reports over the past decade about the status and future of our hobby. It is interesting to compare earlier roundtables with this one, and see how things have changed, and how in the past decade some things haven't changed at all. As part of SimHQ's 2010 year-end reports, we thought it was time once again to ask those who are responsible for the insight, development, marketing and sales of the simulation marketplace where we are and where do they think we are headed next.

Our discussion centers around six major topic areas:


Our participants in the roundtable are well known individuals in consumer simulations:

Babak Nobary - XSI Nils "Ssnake" Hinrichsen - eSim Games
Dante De Patta - Thunder Works Oleg Maddox - Maddox Games
Jason Williams - 777 Studios Richard "Flexman" Hawley - Tricubic Studios
Julian "Buckshot" Leonard - XSI Vladimir Zayarniy - Graviteam
Mark "Polovski" Rogers - OBD Software

Complete article can be found at SIMHQ