Graviteam Tactics Mius-Front is out on Steam!

March 04, 2016

Mius-Front is a tactical battalion level combat simulation, and a sequel to the well established Graviteam Tactics series - Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star and Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. It will feature four large-scale operations for both Red Army and Wehrmacht with realistic organizational structure in the summer of 1943 at Mius river and Saur-Mogila tumulus area.

Expect even more realistic and thorough warfare simulation with added automatic smoke screen laying, wedge formation for vehicles and ability for infantry to follow behind tanks, shell type and fuse settings for artillery, incendiary shells, towed artillery, dynamic scorching of vehicles, breakable road wheels and hatches, and terramorphing under wheels and tracks. Not to mention new enhanced UI with appearance customization, radial orders menu, area of sight analysis tool, and interactive tutorial and encyclopedia!

Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front on Steam