New expansion Graviteam Tactics: Dark Forest

August 13, 2020

53A units conduct stubborn fighting against the German 11AC units west of Kharkov. 299RD assaults vlg.Polevoe defended by the German 3TD. 84RD attacks positions of 168ID in Semenovka and conducted a raid with forward group of 41RR in the direction of ht.208.6. As a result, an exposed seam between 3TD and 168ID units was revealed in the forest south of vlg.Polevoe. 252RD supported by tanks of 61 gds det brt TR and 148TR, was ordered to concentrate on the n.e. outskirts of vlg.Dergachi and launch an attack between 299RD and 84RD with forces of 924RR and 928RR in the direction of ht.208.6 - Forester's house -

  • Two operations of 12 turns for each of the parties (forest southern of Semenovka and Polevoe, August 16-17, 1943).
  • Precisely recreated area of over 48 sq. km west of Kharkov city.
  • Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.

Graviteam Tactics: Dark Forest on Steam