Steel Fury gets preview by SimHQ

October 30, 2008

We are very happy that our tank-simulation game Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 got a positive preview by SimHQ. Some quotes of Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer:

"Graphics and sounds are just absolutely incredible for this game. The landscape looks like it was made for war. Hills and forest, rivers and town, trees, power lines, fences, and fighting positions. All incredible looking. The vehicles, the tanks, the armored cars, all very well modeled and displayed. Inside and out. The infantry units are just a little off in size and shape, but definitely playable and add to the immersion of the battle. The explosions and hits and misses are well modeled."

"Night missions and night battles are there, vehicles come equipped with external lights and internal lights that can be toggled off or on. Aerial flares are shot, tracer fire lights up the sky, tracer rounds fine targets, or ricochet off the ground or objects and fly upward to the sky. Very intense battles, especially at night."

"The sound of your main gun is incredible, and different for each main tank played. Different sounds for different types of machine guns. All add to the emersion of the battle."

"Gameplay is great, incredible, and based on realism over action. The game comes with three well done tutorials. Text pops up to instruct you on what to do and what keys to hit."

"Gameplay is hard. This is a simulation, and the battles are real and intense. After the mission you can see your statistics and check out the battlefield with hit info and location."

"If you don't like to learn to play a game, or don't like single player games only, then Steel Fury may not be for you. But if you do, and you get Steel Fury upon release, I expect to see a lot of great screens, videos, and after action reviews on our forums."

The complete preview can be found at SimHQ.