DLC GT: Shield of the Prophet
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DLC GT: Shield of the Prophet

Developer: Graviteam
Release Date: May 08, 2013
Genre: Wargame

Graviteam Tactics: Shield of the Prophet (English)

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Graviteam Tactics: Щит Пророка (Russian) (forum)

In the Shield of the Prophet DLC, you can become an active participant in the alternative history of the Soviet invasion into the Afghanistan in 1979.

And this story went like this through:

Iran's leadership is beginning to develop a plan of "exporting the Islamic revolution" in Afghanistan.

Taking advantage of the weakness of the central government of Afghanistan and the favorable geopolitical situation, in June 1979, Iran began a full-scale military invasion into the border provinces of Afghanistan.

In response, the Soviet Union began an emergency entering the armed forces in Afghanistan, in order to prevent the overthrow of the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan.

The war begins between Iran and the Soviet Union for control of Afghanistan...