Droid Vanguard

Developer/Publisher: Graviteam
Release Date: December, 2014
Genre: Turn-based Tactics

PC Windows English/Russian

Droid Vanguard is a turn-based simple and easily learned, but thoughtful and deep tactics game set in a futuristic setting. You use telepathic interface to control a droid platoon.Control your mighty droid unit and utilize many droid types available to win the combat using various tactics. Watch how perspective military technology from the near future unfolds on your enemy! Launch offensive on the all-powerful Control Tower in three single-player nonlinear campaigns. Compete with friends in fierce multiplayer battles.

Collect plenty of achievements as you fight your way to the objective with various upgradable weapons and vehicles. Improve your tactical skills by learning to use differentiated armor, destructible terrain features optimally. Plan your upgrade path considering tremendously raising unit costs.