DLC GT: Zhalanashkol 1969
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DLC GT: Zhalanashkol 1969

Developer: Graviteam
Release Date: July 15, 2013
Genre: Wargame

Graviteam Tactics: Zhalanashkol 1969 (English)

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Graviteam Tactics: Жаланашколь 1969 (Russian) (forum)


  1. New Area near Lake Zhalanashkol on the Soviet-Chinese border, 36 sq.km wide.
  2. Two operations for the USSR border guard and the People's Liberation Army showing a realistic version of events.
  3. One operation for the PLA showing Chinese version of events.
  4. Vehicles: BTR-60PB, GAZ-66, Mi-4.
  5. Infantry Weapons: AKM, Type 56 SAR, RPG-2, RKG-3, RPK, RPD (LMG), SVD, body armor 6B5 (in quick battles).
  6. New infantry units: the soldiers and commanders of the PLA, the border guards of the USSR.


  1. Core update v5.81 c1
  2. Game update March 2013 d1