Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943

Realistic ballistics, including various shell characteristics based on ammunition-type, will bring you a lot of joy while battling the enemy. All rounds and shells follow their realistic trajectories, with their correct ranges and respective shell properties considered. There's also simulated flight of tube-launched mortar shells and grenades. At the end of each mission, you can check out detailed statistics that show you exactly what type of ammunition did what.

Damaged subsystems technology. The game models damage to various vehicle subsystems, such as engine, suspension, optics, as well as damage to the crew inside those vehicles (shell-shock, injuries, death). If you damage such subsystem, its behavior is changed. For example, if you damage the engine or a track, the vehicle stops moving. Damaged weapons stop firing, hitting a fuel tank or stored ammunitions might set the vehicle on fire, damaged optics make it difficult to fire accurately. Wounded or dead crew members prevent a vehicle from operating effectively.

Dynamic lighting and time-of-day changes. To have the virtual world mimic the real one even more, the use of dynamic lighting allows you to play any mission during day or night settings. A mission at night does not take place in complete darkness: vehicles shine their headlights; flares and the glow of burning objects illuminate the game world. Weapons fired display tracers, the flash of explosions momentarily lights up the surrounding terrain.

Many vehicle types. To immerse the player into the wartime feeling of 1943, the vehicles available on the battlefield during that time were painstakingly recreated. Objects include tanks, cannons, mortars, aircraft and troops transports. Each vehicle has its own characteristics, accurately reflecting its real-world counterpart of that time. To effectively win a battle, the player has to employ the vehicles at his disposal with great care.

Strategic Order. The player chooses the direction of an attack (or retreat) of his units on a map representing the battlefield. You to maneuver your units closer to your goal and select the most suitable strategy for an attack or for setting up defences, surrounding the enemy while at the same time prevent from getting surrounded by him. Changing your strategies allows you to play missions over and over again, avoiding the mistakes of previous battles. The game offers unlimited gameplay to help improve tactical skill on all levels.

Adjustable difficulty levels. The game features a system of varying difficulty levels, customizing itself to the player. This is achieved by considering how the player manages his units from mission to mission, gradually increasing the difficulty level, introducing new vehicle types and more complex missions as the game progresses. The greater your success, the stronger your opponents will become, improving their defenses and counterattacks. The enemy does not sleep!

Unit characters. Every soldier in the game has its own personality characteristics, such as experience, morale, fatigue and so forth, affecting how he performs during battle. For example, recruits without much experience will panic and disengage when only under small calibre fire, air raids and mortar fire will prevent more experienced gunners from shooting effectively, and only the most experienced soldiers are able to defend their positions to the bitter end, slowing down the opponents, thus gaining valuable minutes.

Maps representing the battlefields of that time are based on historical references, such as photos and video materials. The player is offered total freedom of movement, unrestricted by mountains, forests or other obstacles, allowing him to choose his own way and tactics to successfully conquer the enemy.