Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943

  • Deafgamers - review - 09 July, 2010

    Rate: 7

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 "...The presentation of the game is absolutely fine. The quality of the graphics may not be the greatest but they are certainly good enough for a game of this type. I particularly like the effect of battles at night which you don’t often see in games such as this. The interface is absolutely fine and easy to use. On first playing the game I found it to be an absolute system resource hog but using the latest update has resulted in much better performance. ..."

  • - review - 06 June, 2010

    Review by: Bert Werner
    Rate: 80%

  • - review - 08 June, 2010

    Rate: 7

  • Gameswelt - Review - 02 June, 2010

    Review by: Juergen Siegordner
    Rate: 5/8

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 " infinite number of possible approaches creates very great tactical depth detailed and historically accurate units Cards have been using historical and current aerial photographs reconstructed skillfully advancing the AI opponents and his own troops.."

  • MB net - review - 1 June, 2010

    Review by: Timo Tamminen
    Rate: 80%

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 "...Achtung Panzer is a great potential. Well implemented artificial intelligence deserves special mention.."

  • Gaming XP - review - 30 May, 2010

    Review by: SteveR (freier Mitarbeiter)
    Rate: 75%

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943

  • Armchair General - review - 24 May, 2010

    Review by: Jim H. Moreno
    Rate: 79%

    "..Passed Inspection: Excellent combat engine, graphics, sound, and 3D military encyclopedia Failed Basic: Only 6 scenarios standard; game manual hard to read; very weak tutorial.." "...Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 is still a pleasing war game, especially for the $20 price tag. The attention to detail that went into the units and maps alone make it worthy, and the added combat ballistics and 3D action help push it up a few more notches. Wargamers desiring a fresh look into the Battle of Kharkov would do well to buy Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. Watch for an Armchair General interview with Graviteam about Operation Star, the next game in this series, coming later this week..."

  • - review - 15 May, 2010

    Review by: Bodo Naser
    Rate: 63%

  • Gamers-against-rejection - review - 13 May, 2010

    Review by: Volker Dorn
    Rate: 71%

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 "...That the game has a pretty clever AI and a lot of tactical options to offer..." "... More of a tip for hardcore strategists as a casual RTS gamers. Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 is recommended, preferably, if one likes to sit in for hours of hard fighting. Who is not sure if that is his case that was to allude the available demo before..."

  • - review - 12 May, 2010

    Review by: Milan Bergman
    Rate: 7

    Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 "...Verdict: After a long time very interesting mix of turn-based (2D) and RTS strategy (3D), which seeks to address possible the most realistic combat conditions and an authentic environment. This is not nothing for the casual player, but rather more difficult for those of you who appreciate including a sophisticated artificial intelligence to the enemy's own units.."