T-72: Balkans in Fire
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T-72: Balkans in Fire

Publisher in Europe: Battlefront
Publisher in Russia: IDDK
European Release Date: 2005
Russian Release Date: 2004
Genre: Simulation

Graviteam's developers participated in development by creating:

  • Models and textures: T-34, Sherman, T-55A, T-72B, Leopard, Su-100, BRDM, BZO, Mi-8, IVECO, KrAZ
  • Video, engine, interface, menu, special effects, building editor, mission editor, audio library, game map, installer

T-72 Balkans on Fire! uses a powerful and stunning 3D environmental and physics engine to produce state of the art effects and realism. Three types of playable tanks modeled: T-34-85, T-55A and T-72B. Control individual crew stations (commander, gunner or driver). Wide variety of armored vehicles included, as well as infantry, artillery, engineering vehicles, helicopters and trucks. 18 campaign missions, 2 training missions, 5 single player missions and 3 multiplayer (LAN) missions. Command attached units (infantry and armor) up to a full tank platoon. Mechanized infantry can be transported inside trucks and APCs and on tank hulls. Detailed modeling of each vehicle's fire control systems, main and secondary weapons, ammunition types, engine management and transmissions, starting and driving procedures. Realistic night vision combat capabilities - realistically modeled low light level and infrared sights. More than 70 types of buildings and installations that can be damaged or destroyed. Over 40 types of plants, trees and grass sway in the breeze. High-quality modeling of water surfaces and amphibious vehicle capabilities. 5000+ polygons per vehicle, including detailed bump mapping. Scalable realism settings. Powerful mission, map and structure editor.