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Scheduler of a garden site 3D


Developer: Graviteam
Publisher: IDDK
Release Date: 2006

The program will help you to design complete in the functional and art relation a country site, not demanding special preparation in computer modelling. You can choose a correct place for inhabited and economic structures, lawns for rest and an arbour, to plan plantings of flower beds, decorative and fruit crops to build a rock garden and to spend paths...

Designing occurs in the three-dimensional editor - you fill space, using objects containing in numerous libraries: trees, bushes, flowers, elements of constructions.

The site space also can be altered actively - to fill a hill, to dig out holes for reservoirs, to change a relief, recreating features of a landscape of your real site...

All objects consist of several parts, and colour, a structure, the sizes and a relative positioning of parts can be changed, receiving thereby infinite quantity of combinations, that is new objects. Having changed date on a calendar, you will see, how your site at various times will look year.

And changing time of days and observing as illumination on a site as move after the sun of a shade from constructions and trees varies, you can define optimum placing of light sources.

Having finished work, "photograph" the site from different points and keep the plan further to have possibility to embody in a reality your project.

"Scheduler of a garden site" will present to you possibility, not risking forces and means, freely to experiment and find the optimum project for the country site.

Distinctive feature is that you can keep (to "photograph") the sketches of the plan of a site from different points that it was possible to embody your project actually.

On a disk you will find the detailed description of the program, the instruction on work with it, the hotkeys used in the program.

The disk is equipped by search system with which help you without effort will find the necessary information by one word.

You have a unique possibility to create the first class models without special preparation.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Pentium III
Memory: 512 MB
Video: Direct3D-compatible (ATI 9500+/nVidia 5600+)
CD-ROM: 4x
DirectX 9.0c